Southern Thailand Dangerous?

Southern Thailand is often in the news about bombings, but is it really dangerous?

There is a ethnic separatist insurgency is taking place manly in the Malay Pattani region but is also beginning to spread to other regions close by.While the violence has been going on over a decade, it's  erruped around 2004 & former Prime Minister of Thailand, Thaksin Shinawatra granted the Army Commander with an unusual increase in executive powers to combat the unrest.

As seen on TV & newspapers, some people around the globe think of Southern Thailand to be an  dicy place because of the bombing & fighting that takes place on the southern border of Thailand & Malaysia.
plenty of travalers avoid Thailand because they aren't positive where all the violence is taking place. Most know Phuket, Trang, Krabi, Koh Samui & Khao Sok is in the south & are afraid of the violence from what they see on the news or read in newspapers. 

Some claim that the insurgency is based on historic causes including a 200 year "occupation", the 1960s resettlement of northeastern Thais & to Thai cultural & economic imperialism in Pattani, including allegations of police brutality, criminal activity, disrespect of Islam, the presence of culturally insensitive businesses such as bars, drug trafficking & corruption. However, there's counter-claims that drug trafficking is one source of rebel money.

The only place the violence happens is on the border, which is hours away from Phuket, Trang, Krabi, Koh Samui & Khao Sok. So in the event you are planning a trip to Southern Thailand it will be safe to travel to these tourist destinations.

So in the event you are either thinking about taking a trip or holiday to Khao Sok to see the magnificent rainforest or the beauiful beaches in in Krabi but not positive about the violence [Article Submission] , I can assure you that it will be safe. Their is no danger to from the insurgency in other parts of Southern Thailand.