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BTS-MRT smart card system

Two years after BTS Rabbit smart cards were supposed to solve the problem of carrying separate cards for both the BTS and MRT systems, riders are growing impatient as they still wait for a single ticketing system.

After the Transport Ministry announced in December that such a system wouldn’t be ready until 2016, a few frustrated commuters are calling on the government to make it happen sooner.

“Two years have passed, but we can't use one card for both yet,” complains the petition onChange.org started last month by a passenger, which asks officials to hurry the introduction of the joint-ticketing system.

After all, the number of passengers using the rail systems has increased dramatically in recent years, making it even more inconvenient, especially when one gets left in another bag, forcing a trip to the long queue during rush hour.

The petition was created by Waris Tuntrakul, who singled out the BTS with a messageposted on the Rabbit card fanpage two years ago explaining the delay:

“Technically the BTS Rabbit card can be used in the MRT ticket system, but we have to wait for Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) to enter an agreement.”

Waris said he started the petition to raise public awareness about the issue. On the petition, others have commented that the system should also include the Bangkok Rapid Transit buses and Airport Rail Link.

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